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Who is DigiDickens?

True of almost every creative type, this question is a minefield of emotional outbursts and way too many details. Unlike an emotional bar patron who knows no stranger, I’ll spare you the sordid details. Let’s just say, life hasn’t always been sunshine and acrylic cumshots.

From a family life you’d typically see in psychological thriller/student film to relationships that make Anna Nichole Smith (RIP) feel balanced, my history is complicated.

The Reason Behind the Butts

Raised by an extremest evangelical mother, who proclaimed to be a prophetess and psalmist (yes, this is 100% true), let’s just say things weren’t sunshine and salvation when my leanings toward same-sex longings came out. Out of the many emotional abuses derived from my religious upbringing, the demonization of male bodies was the most impactful.

Drawing the male figure is more than illustrating the human form. It’s a “fuck you” to everyone in my past who took part in my abuse.