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Windy Day for a Naked Gay

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Windy Day for a Naked Gay

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Windy Day for a Naked Gay is a more subtle erotic art featuring one of my latest obsessions: flowing fabric. I’m not 100% sure why I’ve become so interested in capturing something as simple as a scarf billowing in the wind, but here we are. Perhaps it’s something to do with feeling the winds of change in our world, but more than likely, it’s the challenge of drawing movement within a static piece of gay art.

What I like about this gay drawing is the potentially erotic stories we can derive from it. What is he looking at? Why is he crouching on what seems to be a long scarf? What happened earlier and what will happen later? I guess this is the fun part of drawing, most of the subject matter is open to interpretation.

“Windy Day for a Naked Gay” is a digital drawing created in June 2020 by Digidickens. This gay art print is available on most products offered by Redbubble. Wanna carry your stuff around in style, the tote bag and drawstring bag really showcase this drawing. Personally, I’m a fan of the art prints and stickers. There’s something fun about putting an erotic art sticker on an otherwise bland item.

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